International Free Eye Camp

A free eye camp of Al-Basar International Foundation, Bangladesh Sector, has been implemented in Kishorganj   from 24 February   to 2 March 2017.

The patients with cataract came to the camp as early in the morning as possible. For many it was a golden opportunity to have such a large free eye camp in their area. Having arrived at Qatar charity organization’s premises in the Upazila city of Bhairab,  Man and woman stood in separate  queues quite and almost soundless. After the inauguration of the program they proceeded to doctor’s chambers one by one. Twelve doctors and ophthalmologist aided with nurses and volunteers have been in full preparation for receiving them. 5200 people, who came to the camp could get opportunity for having their eyes screened.

After a thorough screening of all patients we found 750 patients who have blurred vision because of cataract. After further investigation 534 patients were found fit for operation for cataract removal and planting an artificial lens.

The other patients were given eye droops, pills, glasses and ointments according to the need of patients and advice of doctors.

A delegate from the sponsoring organization, `Noor Dubai’ honored the camp by their presence. Dr. Manal Al-Shamsy had been the head of this auspicious delegate. Members of the delegate sat with the patients, talked to them and touched their hearts and earned their love. We wish them every success in their life.

Here is the statistic of the camp that shows our achievements of camp  in brief:

Camp No.Month & YearTotal Eye ScreeningTotal SurgeryTotal IOL Total Glass
44February, March 2017 5200534 1284

Photo Gallery of the camp:

Free Eye Camp of Tangail

the 45th free and large eye camp of Al-Basar  International Foundation took place in Tangail which is some 105 kilometers away from Dhaka and has a population of nearly four million.

The reason for choosing this district is the poverty of the people of this region and the inability of many of them to afford the cost of treatment for the removal of cataract.

This large camp continued after its blessed start on the morning of Friday,  March 03, 2017 for a week, during which patients came from different parts of the districts  to reach a total of 5600 patients of both sexes.

The first day of the camp was passed in receiving patients in outpatient clinics, and initialing  tests that helped identify and select  (800) patients who needed to remove the cataract and lens implantation. The operations were performed on 677 of them after confirming  their fitness  through a number of tests.
Eyeglasses and medicines for those who do not require surgical interventions were also distributed during the day.

For the rest of the day, the activity of the camp was divided between performing operations, removing pads, distributing of medicines and glasses, and providing advise and guidance to ensure the success of the process and the safety of the eyes.

The operations were carried out at the Makkah Eye Hospital which was established by the Foundation in the region in 2014 and was fully prepared by its medical staff to receive selected patients and perform operations and provide full health care during their stay.
The total of the efforts exerted throughout the period of the camp were:
Screening of  5600 patients.

Choosing 800 patients to remove their cataract

Doing operation of  677 patients.

– glasses distribution  to 1677 patients.

– Eye drop distribution to 3600 patients.

– pills distribution to 7000 patients

– External ointments distribution to  250

The camp witnessed visit of Arab dignitaries headed by Dr. Farid Al-Yaqout, Executive Director of Al-Basr International  Foundation, as well as Badriya Al-Yacout and Sheikha Al-Miftah. The delegate included other members as well  from the Qatar Charity Organization. They all toured the camp and looked at the various wings, from the outpatient clinics to the examination suite, to the operating rooms of Makkah Eye Hospital. This visit  had a great positive resonance among doctors, patients and a wide range of Bangladeshi Muslim society…

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      My name is Khorshed. My father’s name is himmat Ali. I belong to misekara village in Tangail district. I am 80-year-old and I had cataract in both eyes. I heard that Al-Basar International Foundation does operation for free. First I did operation in one eye at one of its charity camp, then I did surgery of other eye in their another camp. […]

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