In the framework of the voluntary global program to combat blindness and restore sights to eyes, a campaign devised out by Al-Basar International Foundation, Bangladesh Chapter, to reach the deprived people of Netrokona District. In fact it was a large scale free eye camp that was grounded in the city of Netrokona on 24 April 2015 In the premises of Anjuman High School in heart of Netrokona.
A medical team comprising of 50 members of doctors, surgeons, specialists, technicians, nurses, administrators and volunteers, headed by Dr. Ahmed Taher Al-Manbari, DG of Al-Basar International Charitable Foundation , Bangladesh Chapter, participated in the camp.
Patients rushed to the camp yard. it was soon crowded. Not less than 7,000 people came from all corners of Sadar Upazilia and other nearby cities. They came with difficulties their eyes. They wanted to recover from what they are faced with on the expenses of a charity foundation named Hessa bint Nasser Al Rajhi, who fully financed us to implement this big and free eye camp in the district of Netrokona.
The opening ceremony of the camp was attended by the former director general of NGO Affairs Bureau, Mr. Noor Al-Nabi Talokdar, along with the civil surgeon of Netrokona District and many others from the local government.
The camp continued for seven days and could serve more than seven thousand deprived people of the district.
The statistics of the camp are as follows:

DatePlace OPDSurgeryIOLGlass
24-30 April 2015Netrokona70006266241415

This large eye camp for free operation of Cataract and implant of IOL took place on May 23-29, 2014 in Tangail.
The camp was visited by a number of Arab dignitaries who took the trouble to travel and traveled long distances to participate in the activities of this camp in a needy area in Bangladesh.
His Excellency the Secretary-General of Al-Basar International Foundation, Dr. Adel Abdul Aziz Al-Rashoud had also been present at the occasion.
The statistics of the camp are as follows:

Date PlaceOPDSurgeryIOLGlass
23-29 May, 2014Tangail57507067021400

Sylhet city was the place for implementation 36th free eye camp of Al-Basar International Foundation, Bangladesh Chapter. Suitable rooms for operations and a large square to receive thousands of patients was the prominent facilities we got there in the Northeast Medical College Hospital.
The camp was attended by a medical team of 53 members, including doctors, surgeons, specialists, technicians, nurses, administrators and volunteers headed by Dr. Ahmed Taher Al-Manbari, Director of Al-Basr International Charity Foundation, Bangladesh.

The propaganda campaign for the camp started early with the arrival of the media propaganda team in the region to distribute leaflets, gluing and hanging banners, surveying the entire area with loudspeakers, as well as publishing the news of the camp in all local newspapers, both printed and online. Therefor The patients came from all over the world, and the camp yard was crowded with thousands of people who were deprived of medical facilities.
The inauguration of the camp was done by Dr. Ahmed Al-Manbari, Director of Al-Basar International Charitable Foundation – Bangladesh, and was attended by Dr. Shobash Chandra Bishshash, from the local Government office.
The opening ceremony was marked by the distribution of crest to the guests attended the ceremony have had remarkable role played in various fields.
On the first day of the camp, the course of activism went on as follows:
– Perform screening and choose the patients with cataract.
-Distribution of medicines and glasses to those who do not need operations.
– Commencement of cataract operations that continued up to Wednesday, 10 December 2014.
The total number of people benefited during the period of camp can be seen in the statistics:

Camp NoDate PlaceOPDSurgeryIOLGlass
365-10 Dec.2014Sylhet59244334291143
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      My name is Khorshed. My father’s name is himmat Ali. I belong to misekara village in Tangail district. I am 80-year-old and I had cataract in both eyes. I heard that Al-Basar International Foundation does operation for free. First I did operation in one eye at one of its charity camp, then I did surgery of other eye in their another camp. […]

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