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Welcome to our website! We are happy to have you at this online platform, and we are all pleased to furnish some valuable information about our non-profit organization.

You maybe take delight in walking back through the course of our existence in Bangladesh.

Yes we have given this country a serious consideration that found it’s embodiment in launching the the first venture of our organization, Al Noor Eye Hospital, in 1992, putting in mind the pressing needs of the country to control blindness and combat the key causes that lead to visual impairment. Since then, we have been providing outstanding patient care services using the latest medical advancement and technology and following all the international standards of ophthalmology care.

Our Free Eye-Camps Achievements

More than 88 camps have already been implemented in 43 districts of Bangladesh

We Work For People To Restore Their Vision

People Are Blind In Bangladesh

Are Suffering From Operable Cataract.

Most %
Of Them Can’t Afford Medical Treatment

Our Geographical Spread Through Bangladesh

7 Specialized Eye Hospitals
Screening: 4,698,376
Sugeries: 218,727
Glasses: 764,278


88 Free Eye Camps In 43 District’s
Screening: 606,313
Glasses: 129,787


School Program Eye Health

Screening: 210,895
Sugeries: 55
Glasses: 7673

BIFBD Branches Across The Country

Established 07 Specialized Eye hospitals and Eye Health Care centers across the country and served more than 2.5 million patients

Al Noor Eye Hospital

Makka Eye Hospital

Makka Eye Hospital

Makka Eye Hospital